Watchtower is Shutting Down Our Youtube Channel

   Watch tower & Bible Tract Society of Pennsylvania has given us 8 copyright strikes on our Youtube channel. Talk about overkill. With so many on Youtube embedding clips from Watchtower videos, it is interesting that our channel was targeted. This tells us,  they feel we’re a threat. This is …

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Watchtower Updates Their Child Abuse Policy

JW Victims website has done an awesome article about Watchtower’s updated child abuse policy. She does a side by side comparison. It appears that the Australian Royal Commission exposed the Watchtower where they fall short in their policies but it still falls short of protecting the children. Please read her …

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C. T. Russell EXPOSED- Jehovah’s Witnesses Foundation

  C.T Russell exposed Dropbox file: C.T Russell Exposed 1928 Seven Thunders of Millennial Dawn: 1928_seven_thunders_of_millenial_dawn__small 1915 Russell vs. Brooklyn daily Eagle 1915_Russell_v._Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Decision 1911 The Millennial Dawn Heresy: 1911-The_Millennial_Dawn_Heresy 1913 “Some Facts & More Facts About Pastor Russell: 1913_Some_Facts_More_Facts_About_Russell_ 1915 “Errors of Russellism” 1915_Errors_of_Russellism 1911 Pastor Russell’s Position & Credentials: 1911-Pastor-Russells-Position-Credentials-Methods-of-Interpretation 1910 Booklet “Why not Russellism?” 1910-Why-Not-Russellism 1905- …

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Justice McClellan “Warns Churches to Change or Risk Illegitimacy”

Many of us ex-JW members are aware of the Australian Royal Commission’s investigation into institutions child abuse problem, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many of us also watched as Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson testified before the commission. (Link below) Australian Royal Commissioner Peter McClellan warns churches in a speech given …

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Watchtower & JW’s Keep Denying they Kill members….

But yet we always hear about JW’s killing themselves. Another young Jehovah’s Witness commits suicide. The newspaper article doesn’t mention that she was a JW, but being from the Prescott Arizona area, I have friends that let me know of current news with the JW’s. So sad.