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C.T Russell exposed Dropbox file: C.T Russell Exposed

1928 Seven Thunders of Millennial Dawn: 1928_seven_thunders_of_millenial_dawn__small

1915 Russell vs. Brooklyn daily Eagle 1915_Russell_v._Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Decision

1911 The Millennial Dawn Heresy: 1911-The_Millennial_Dawn_Heresy

1913 “Some Facts & More Facts About Pastor Russell: 1913_Some_Facts_More_Facts_About_Russell_

1915 “Errors of Russellism” 1915_Errors_of_Russellism

1911 Pastor Russell’s Position & Credentials: 1911-Pastor-Russells-Position-Credentials-Methods-of-Interpretation

1910 Booklet “Why not Russellism?” 1910-Why-Not-Russellism

1905- 3 Blasphemies of the Millennial Dawn: 1905_EH_Three_Blasphemies_of_MD

1903- Russell vs Eaton debate  1903_Russell_Eaton_Debate

Sequel to Russell vs Eaton debate 1903-Russell-Eaton-Debate-Suppliment

Solon Journal scandal: 1905-Solon-Society’s-Journal

1908 Russell vs. White Debate: 1908-Russell_White_Debate


  1. Don’t use my name, Russell died in 1916. Those tracts and quotes from the Watchtower (1921) were done by Judge Rutherford who highjacked the WTBS, not brother Russell.

    Just Stay Sweet and Good

    • Thank you, yes we knew this. Sorry if we said the wrong name. If you are talking about the book we were reading from, the author was quoting from Russell’s writings also.

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