Watchtower’s Dilemma

Watchtower seems to be in a dilemma. While telling the members publicly that there is tremendous growth they have quietly sent out instructions to Elders & Circuit Overseers on merging congregations. The Kingdom Hall pictured above, several years ago had an average member/publisher size of around 80. Today, they average …

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C. T. Russell EXPOSED- Jehovah’s Witnesses Foundation

  C.T Russell exposed Dropbox file: C.T Russell Exposed 1928 Seven Thunders of Millennial Dawn: 1928_seven_thunders_of_millenial_dawn__small 1915 Russell vs. Brooklyn daily Eagle 1915_Russell_v._Brooklyn_Daily_Eagle_Decision 1911 The Millennial Dawn Heresy: 1911-The_Millennial_Dawn_Heresy 1913 “Some Facts & More Facts About Pastor Russell: 1913_Some_Facts_More_Facts_About_Russell_ 1915 “Errors of Russellism” 1915_Errors_of_Russellism 1911 Pastor Russell’s Position & Credentials: 1911-Pastor-Russells-Position-Credentials-Methods-of-Interpretation 1910 Booklet “Why not Russellism?” 1910-Why-Not-Russellism 1905- …

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Watchtower Ban- Russian Court Gets Under Way

     Lawyers for the JWs present material that they claim may indicate political motives for the alleged persecution of JWs. However the documents are all from foreign organizations that have not investigated both sides, such as the UN, OSCE, official statements of human rights organizations, as well as archival …

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Fessler vs. Watchtower

Watchtower facing another child abuse case….

Watchtower Condemned by the Australian Royal Commission for Not Protecting Children

Case Study Report on Jehovah’s Witnesses here: ARC Media Release: Guardian article: ABC News in Australia: