Watchtower is Trying to Shut Down Our Youtube Channel

In Watchtower of Pennsylvania’s latest attempt to shut us down. gave us another copyright strike against the Anthony Morris in Helsinki talk. This is of course NOT a video, so we immediately filed a copyright counter-claim against their claim.      Watch tower & Bible Tract Society of Pennsylvania …

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Watchtower Corporations Known List

List of Watch Tower (Watchtower) Corporate Entities Jehovah’s Witnesses > WTBTS of Pennsylvania > A number of corporations are in use by Jehovah’s Witnesses. They publish literature and perform other operational and administrative functions, representing the interests of the religious organization.”The Society” has been used as a collective term for these corporations. The oldest and most prominent of their corporation …

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Historical Abuse case in the U.K Against Jehovah’s Witnesses

For the first time in the U.K Watchtower is being liable for not safeguarding children in the Jehovah Witness religion. We sincerely hope that this case will make the world aware of dangerous abuse policies within the Watchtower organization. click here for   Article & video