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  1. Hello please email me back at I would like to share my story. Also I really Want to thank you Both from. The bottom of my hart for your, videos . I am technology illiterate sorry , I did try emailing you but I don’t think it went through. A little about my journey, I was raised as a Jw and have not been associated with them now for six months. I no longer feel guilt about my decision. You’re videos have been a real. Comfort I hope to heir from you. Very soon

    • Hi Terra, thank you so much for sharing your story. We’re having difficulties with the replying to emails, but we appreciate your patience.

      • Hey little Kim please answer my email my name is Luis

        • I have 344 emails in my inbox right now. I answer the oldest first and work up. If you are thinking of suicide, please contact a professional. If it is urgent then I would need to know what month and around what date you sent it.

    • Don’t worry, hell, the Watchtower elders even had me thrown in jail! I was raised a Mormon (almost as bad as JW) and also associated with JW’s for 20 years (came to a real ugly end) ive researched like no other and my conclusion is this: Join the Holy Catholic Church Of Rome. An imperfect church that is genuine.

      • Yea, exactly. At least you know what they’re all about.

        • Serious? I am a fairly new follower of God’s Word made flesh, Jesus. I happened upon your video regarding copyright laws, that I agree with & liked so came to your website. I never was a JW or Mormon, but do appreciate ministries exposing cults. Again, my first encounter with your ministry, but do I understand that you recommend the Roman Catholic church on any level? There too, I’ve never attended mass and was raised pagan. But, Christ gave me a love for the Jews. Whoever the current Pope is, he declared that Jews do not need Yeshua (Jesus) for salvation.

          Maybe you are representing jumping from the fry pan of JW to the fire of RCC?

          Also, I noticed a picture of you two in North American native outfits. Are you natives?? I am and would love to learn your tribes if you have a minute.

          • HG,
            we do not recommend ANY organized religion. After being in the Watchtower cult our entire lives we follow the scripture at John 14:6 where Christ is the way. Also see Acts 17:24-26.
            The RCC is so blood guilty throughout history and cannot possibly be God’s channel.
            Hope this helps
            have a wonderful day

      • Hi Mike….. Okay, so this comment/ advice is well over a year late, since I’ve just found this site.

        Having read your post again….yowsa! You have been through the mill! Sadly, in your search for God, you have been lead down a few dark paths. If I may suggest THE way….. JESUS said “I am THE WAY,The Truth and THE LIFE. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6) . A good BIBLE church would share the REAL JESUS with you. The God of the Bible who died for humanity’s sin. Unfortunately, a good Bible teaching church is not easy to find anymore. But there should be some around, even still.

        If you have any questions on the matter, I’ll do what I can to answer them.

      • I went back to catholic at least they report the priest and the have a report button on the local diocese website and if you volunteer you have to take safety classes. Jw haven’t even admitted they have pedophiles in the congregations. The members still don’t realize their donations are paying for all these lawsuits

      • You need to understand….they are where it all began….Look at Watchtower’s final H.Q…..WARWICK,NY…..THEY JUST TOLD THE TRUTH ON THEMSELVES>>>>>>LOOK UP WARWICK ON GOOGLE!!! WARWICK and WARWICKSHIRE are the birthplace of two key figures in the world!!! Then, lets talk!!! in NY

    • Hi, we can exchange stories if you’d like. My email is

  2. Hey y’all. You’re doing great and you are helping so many of us, especially us younger folks who were indoctrinated into this thing from birth! Thanks so much for all your hard work! Hey, I sent this mssg. (below) to y’all thru the contact box on here but I see that y’all say you been having some difficulty with the email part of this thing, so I’m gonna repost my comment here so hopefully you’ll get it one way or another. Alright, bye for now. Chris in Nashville, TN.
    Hey y’all.
    I’ve Been following your channel for quite some time now.. actually, I’ve been following ya almost from the beginning which is around the same time I started waking up to TTATT too… Pretty amazing if you ask me how so many of us seem to be waking up all at the same time.. cause my awakening really began before I even knew about the mass exodus going on right now within Watchtower. Literally anyone going back in or newly joining right now is bumping up against a huge wave of newly awakened folks who are on their way OUT, especially a lot of us younger folks who are seeing it for what it really is…
    Anywho, I just wanted to drop y’all a quick line to let ya know that I think you may have missed a very blatant subliminal image in a pic which was in your last video about the new JWTV broadcasting network! It was the pic of the new broadcasting studio they just built, but with no one in it, just the studio. Well, if you look closely enough to the tv monitor (screen) that is in the center of the film/sound stage you will notice that the image that is on the monitor appears to be that of a woman’s hand clicking a computer mouse… Now look a little closer and look at which finger she is using to click the mouse keys… it’s her MIDDLE FINGER!!! Seriously, who uses their MIDDLE FINGER to click their mouse keys!!?? Is it really possible to even do that; it would be pretty uncomfortable… No, I think Watchtower’s givin us all the ‘one finger salute’, if you ask me. Where I come from if ya do somethin like that it is usually because you are joking about giving someone ‘the bird’ and basically saying ‘f— you’. Take a closer look at the image and I think y’all will see what I am talking about!
    Alright, best of luck with your new website and all and keep up the good! Warm regards, Chris in Nashville, TN

    • HI Chris, we think our webmaster has fixed the email/contact problem so we seem to be up & working again. Thank you for your message.
      GREAT CATCH! Yea, who uses their middle finger to click a mouse????
      Thank you so much Chris and thank you for visiting our site.
      Best wishes
      Kim & MIke

  3. Hi Mike and Kim, I have been watching your youtube vids for months. I was raised in a family full of Witchtower puppets. If your not married by an elder or J.O.T.P, but in church by a preacher in their belief system are these marriage recognized by “JEHOVAH”? Once again thanks for the vids they are therapy for us free from The Witchtower Bullshit and Trash Society.

  4. Hi there.

    I am From the UK (Scotland) my local congregation is Kilmarnock Congregation. About 3 years ago the two congregation’s amalgamated in our local area due to dwindling numbers…the irony!…lol.

    Anyway due to the corporations policy on further education I have a problem with putting thoughts in writing. If possible could I have a video with you both? My story is pretty interesting.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    My email address is

  5. Hi there.

    I am From the UK (Scotland) my local congregation is Kilmarnock Congregation. About 3 years ago the two congregation’s amalgamated in our local area due to dwindling numbers…the irony!…lol.

    Anyway due to the corporations policy on further education I have a problem with putting thoughts in writing. If possible could I have a video with you both? My story is pretty interesting.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • Hi, thank you for contacting us. Do you mean for us to do an interview video? or do you just want one of our videos?

      • Hi. Sorry, I’ve only just seen your reply lol.

        Yes I would like to do a interview video if that’s OK? I find it hard to write everything down on paper as my concentration levels are pretty bad lol.

        Loving all the videos, especially the most recent one on the Bible Teach Book.


        • Hi David iam from Glasgow was in cathcart con until recently I gave a letter in to elders saying I didn’t want anything to do with wt or bible. Tract society after a lot of soul searching and also after searching internet books etc if you would like to email me and let me know what help you can advise as sometimes the stress is awfull the guilt of thinking how could I have been so deceived take care maria

      • Yes to do a interview video please, when you have time that would be great thanks.

        • Hi, I talked to Mike & we thought you wanted to interview us. He said that he would rather leave the interview videos to our friend Eric @ JWStruggle. Thank you for the offer tho.

  6. Do you know a bible the haleluYah scriptures are you familiar with it and what s you’re overall thought on this version cause the wtc bible is a dirty misguiding one i need a new bible and came across this one so what you think.O and in your video s wtc style 1,2,3,4 whooo rings bells man ,sorry about your mom mike my parents won t listen to me to i told my father who was an elder for many years .I never seen Jw ‘s turn so evil in 1 second when you tell them about the god of ruin ,the go ballistic i fora fact know by my parents reaction that the evil planted inside them wil be hard go get rid off and maby will never go away and it breaks my heart to now for myself see how far their influenced and will mean theire ruin if left alone ,i will keep on giving little pokes at a time cause it s a long way for that to begin to crumble………

  7. Omg there are so many of us just read the reply s never seen so many ex jw s finding support and help from their real brothers and sisters all seeking the narrow path to life instead of the one the wtc tells you you re on really am shocked to find out there s so many whoo thought me and my nephews were one off the few omg was i dumb fool.that s why they try somuch i can t belief this butt this makes me very happy hahahhahhahaa yes…. thank you Father ! Bless uss all please in exposing the imposters of all of your good and love .

    • Am not sure if my last EMAIL took, but am curious why no EX JW has sent anonymous letters to the local Kingdom Hall accusing their still-inculcated family of apostasy.

      Mikey, your mother sent a letter to two well-known apostates(you and Kim). Shouldn’t the elders consider the quality of her devotion when she communicates with apostates?

  8. WTC AND JW S org is a very evil but perfectly desined way by the lord of deception for tricking god loving people in submission ,acting in the way wanted by carefully carried out doctrines what is needed at that time to ensure the agenda of their Lord is carried out in the way he wisshes resulting in the demise and destruction of mankind .This is the goal of the Satan and uses illuminatie organisation to use his set up pawns to carry out his evil doing resulting in having jw ‘s spreading by their preaching door to door the ebola -virus and completing the plans for the NWO exterminating 90 % of population only letting the elite survive with a select few for use of a workingslaves in service of themselfs for building and work their needs .Because jw’s are so well programmed they unknowingly carry out the devils work by preaching eventough banned and forbidden not because or for religion purposes but for healt risk and viral infection spreading .By unbelievable cunning programming using doctrines jws are trained to belief and see this bann as an attack on their faith therefore even making them more persistend and determent to keep spreading “gods” message that succes is guarenteed the question is witch “GOD” is that ……….still dont know ……. i do .

  9. The illuminatie story of stargate s and all i find just a little to much butt using an idea like a NOW is appealing to the elite while this in contrairy of satans method used for executing the radical idea s is trinking illuminatie in using the Wtc slaves witch theve been for this purpose bin programming for almost 100 years to carry it out been set in motion.He really is the master of deception telling the one the alien story and letting the other carry out a global extermination of live , by servants of god and both these party s are blind for their deceat.Picturing a picture they can rule the entire earth he s trickt the “elite”to sacrifice it all to ensure theyre place in the ranks for ruling the earth.Hereby providing everything needed like any recource needed like money or materials or fossile fuels and of course some blood here and there to be sacrificed to him cause he doesnot own any but does all for making belief he does own and deserve s these things claming right not his .Using God’s people witch he trick with redirecting their prayers to him by introducing his own name hidden of course thereby receving all praise and effort really meant in service of the almighty again claiming something not his to claim .By using carefully designed beliefs and constructed doctrines he is able to by programming preaching program containing shutting down all subjects free thought by inserting a safety when the job is restrickted or forbidden even banned the falesave goes off only raising this act to be an gobal attack on God s will that it is nessecery for the survifal of men to step up and increase and speed up the preachin work delivering gods message to all of mankind.In reality using preaching worldwide door to door to spread the ebola virus and so executing a part of the nwo agenda of cleaning the earth of the overpopulation exterminating 90 % of life on earth to start over a new world order and its rule prommissed to the elite.Blinded by program slaves won t see the real reason for banning the door to door preaching, absolutly not religous but intended to ensure the containment of the ebola virus worldwide.Due to programming kicking in there will be no stopping them once set in motion, we ve got 8 million of m worldwide ,would that not ensure succes for there goals .Yes it would , and they never saw it coming JW ‘s be aware your the executionair for your lord Satan if you fail to think for your self and have faith in truth don t be their blinded slave and get blood on your hands for devoting your life to a deciving god you can still recive blessings and forgiveness from our real creator and he will set thing right , the only thing is ………….only you can make the choice!

    • We have been watching a lot of documentaries lately about the Illuminati & Freemasons. Its been very enlightening. Thank you for your comment. There are some weird things going on in the world right now. But we know that the average JW doesn’t even realize who their hierarchy is and who supports them.

      • I’m an ex JW. I’ve done a lot of research into the illuminati and Charles t Russell and Rutherford. I asked my mother who is still currently a JW if she was aware of the founder of the JW’s and his connections to the Masonic temple, that he was an alleged paedophile, and burriws under a pyramid. She new nothing and gave me a disapproving look meaning she didn’t want to continue the conversation. I stopped as I know if o continued she’d accuse me of being an apostate. Another doctrine the JWs have brainwashed its followers. Shocking really. I’m sad he’s wasting her time with such an awful cult.

  10. So cool to see people thinking about some of the things i found instead of dismissing them .This came from what i found and came to understand not saying im right but it might be a possible explanation if interrested i can post some of the clips i collected about the illuminati so you can watch them yourselfs let me know , yours truely Richard

  11. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been researching whether The Watchtower has a play in the Illuminati. As Mike and Kim said, very interesting indeed.

  12. Hello Kim & Mike
    I noticed on your very last video you posted “Happy Hour 10/31/2014- Ex-JW game, Book & WT Loses Abuse case” well there was this Danny Johansson who posted this link
    was not sure if you guys have looked at this. But now I am a little confused and was wondering if you can shed some light on the comment that JW are still the truth and God is still using an organization. Please read it and you guys are so good at breaking things down. I think this is important. Love you guys both. Is god still using an organization today 🙁 Help

    • Hi, We had not heard about this case yet. We’re not exactly sure of what happened. But as far as some believing that the Watchtower Society is still God’s channel and have some truth, we don’t believe that one for a minute. When you start researching Russell & the Bible Students history, you realize that they never were.
      We’re a little confused also, there seems to be some missing pieces to this story. We would have to read the actual court documents to get a better picture. Now if there were some documents where the elders in her congregation had known about her abuse and had sent letters to Watchtower, then there would be definite proof of negligence on the part of the org. & elders. Unless we missed that part.
      We feel personally, that Christ dealt with individuals and the bible is FULL of warnings about wolves in sheeps clothing, man of lawlessness, false prophets, etc. that this is what he was warning us about. At John 14:6 stated that “He was the way and that was the ONLY way to get to the Father.”
      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Kittie, I thought we had blocked that Danny Johansson. He’s a JW apologist or JW. We believe that ALL man-made organizations are part of Babylon the Great. Christ said “HE was the way” Hope this helps. Thank you

  13. Just did a full scan of with Website
    61 Virus protection programs rate the site as clean as of today.
    Here is the test results.

  14. Hey ya’ll,

    I was just wondering if you had gotten my previous contact message about my d/a letter? I was wondering how and where I could send that (i.e. email attch or Post Office Box or fax etc.) in order to get it to you for you to be able to publish it on your website. My d/a letter is dated Oct 29, 2014 and I was officially da’d (announced from platform) on Oct. 30, 2014. Also, I was wondering if I could get a nail in the coffin too, or did I miss the boat on that one??? Anyway, I’m sure that y’all probably get like a 100 messages a day, so I don’t mean to pester ya about it, but I just hadn’t heard anything and I was wondering if you were getting my messages through the contact box???
    Warm Regards,
    -Chris in Nashville, TN

    • Hi Chris, we just sent you a reply. Hopefully you will get that one. We would be honored and thank you so much. We already did one for Dec 12th, but you will be in the next one.
      kim & mike

    • :::Correction::: My d/a letter was written and dated Oct. 29, 2014, BUT I did not mail it until Monday, Nov. 03, 2014 and the official announcement from the KH platform was on Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2014… So I guess I DO technically qualify for my nail in the coffin… Welp; As Mikey would say: Yeeehaaa!!! LOL… Just wanted to clarify. Thanks y’all.
      -Chris in Nashville, TN

  15. Hello MIke and Kim,
    I “Luv’ your YouTube videos. As a witness “Fading Out”, I’m compiling TTATT (The Truth About The Truth). My attempt is to always provide “Visual Proof” of things, as opposed to a simple quotation. I’m including a link that I’m sure you’ll find interesting. Please share or feel free to email me anytime. Keep up the good work in Christ.

  16. Nicely done Mike & Kim, you guys work well together. You both make your videos pleasant to watch instead of a chore and to me, that is almost as important as content. Your points are well made and the videos are just so easy to watch, because of your unobtrusive style (both of you), thanks for all your efforts.
    As another who woke up I have my own fascinating story, my two cents to add for what it’s worth to you. It’s funny, we never run across an ex-JW who doesn’t have just a fascinating story to tell!
    The long and short of my experience with that organization (from 1991-1998) is that I started to notice things that just did not sit well with me, a lot of things, and I began to ask questions, questions that they could not answer. I was actually told to shut up (in those words) by one elder and the presiding overseer told me that maybe I was just a seed that was planted on the rocky soil. At any rate, it all ended up with me being an apostate. But this is what I learned;
    Any objective observer would have to declare them as a group of Governing Body Followers.
    If a pedophile situation comes up … skip Jesus and the law and first call Brooklyn for consultation and your directives.
    They do not look to Jehovah for spiritual guidance.
    They do not look to Jesus for spiritual guidance.
    They do not look to the promised Holy Spirit for spiritual guidance.
    Like mindless robots, they look to the Governing Body for their spiritual guidance and by doing so; they put mortal man in whom no salvation belongs in between themselves and their savior, which is a major source of contention for them about the Catholics doing the same thing with the Pope. It is also something that I personally will never do again.
    “Of course it is easy to see that this group acts as a prophet of God.” WT. April 1, 1972.
    “So in this strict Biblical sense, Jesus is the mediator only for the Anointed Christians.” WT. April 1, 1979 pg. 31.
    “We need to obey the Faithful and Discreet Slave to have Jehovah’s approval.” WT. July 15, 2011 pg. 24.
    Psalms 146:3 Do not put your trust in nobles to whom no salvation belongs.
    1Tim. 2:5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ.
    Food at the proper time?
    Jesus supposedly inspected all the Sheppards in 1918 and gave the Faithful and Discreet slave the privilege of inserting themselves not only in his place on earth, but also in place of the Israelites (144,000 = 12,000 from each tribe of Israel). They were now under his direction and blessing to disperse spiritual food at the proper time, because Jesus can’t do it himself, he just doesn’t have it in him. He needs them to do it. How convenient. What an opportunity!
    They preached that Jesus started ruling in 1874 (parosea), they claimed this until 1943, that is 25 years after Jesus inspected and approved them to provide spiritual food at the proper time. Is that food at the proper time?
    They claimed that “millions now living will never die!” up until 1925. That was 7 years after Jesus inspected and approved them to provide spiritual food at the proper time. (Proclaimers Book chapter 12 pg. 163). Is that food at the proper time?
    They used Illuminati symbolism and a cross on the cover of WT. magazines up until Oct. 15, 1931, that is 13 years after Jesus inspected and approved them to provide spiritual food at the proper time. (Yearbook 1975 pg. 148). Is this food at the proper time?
    Would Jesus operate in such a dismal fashion? Would Jesus allow untruths to go on and on for years, unchecked? Is this the record of our King and Savior who is perfect? Anyone can see the foolishness in believing in people who claim to represent God and claim to be spokesmen for Him when they are simply wrong in what they say repeatedly.
    We all know how many times they have been wrong about dates and their flip flops and continual revisions to the point now of being gun shy to say anything new about anything Biblical nowadays. It’s so weird because back in the day, they were really the only ones talking about the Bible and all the other main stream religions had no interest in engaging in the subject at all, but now the JW”s have nothing new to say, but the mainstream religions are on fire with new info coming out on a daily basis.
    They demand in courts of law all over the world that they have a right to free speech, yet, if you are a JW and say something slightly amiss or ask a sincere question about the organization, you are outski, in a non-heartfelt and quick manner.
    They insist that members do not spend their time suing in a court of law, but allow Jehovah to handle it, yet they brag about having a whole department of lawyers at their disposal 24/7. Why don’t THEY let Jehovah handle it?
    As for the light getting brighter? They have had no new insight on anything since the days of Russell. For the light to get brighter you have to have good info to start with and then build upon it with new revelations that you discover, it doesn’t mean that you can have bad info to start with, then make constant revisions to keep up with reality and claim it’s the light getting brighter! The fact is; they have had nothing new to say in a hundred years. The things they claim in their newest literature are the same tired old things that you can find in something that they printed in 1960 or before. No new light, no new insight, all when things are happening so fast that we can’t keep up with all the new spiritual info.
    How can one be like the Bereans when there is no new info to compare to scripture? You need new info to do that, you don’t do that with old info that you have been rehashing for years. They have none and forbid you to look anywhere else for any! They keep you so preoccupied and busy going to meetings that you don’t have time to see or find the truth, connect the dots or see how ungodly they are acting.
    The Bible says to keep searching, keep knocking and keep asking, not to lay back and wait for a group of land and money grabbers tell you what the deal is. It also says to search as if looking for lost or hidden treasure. If you are looking for hidden treasure, you are going to look everywhere! You are not going to put blinders on and look just in one spot only; you will leave no rock unturned. No one should let mortal man be in charge of his spiritual welfare or you could end up being put in a box and forbidden the vast wealth of info out there promised in Daniel for the last days. Revising bad info is not the light getting brighter.
    When the elder told me to shut up in front of another important member of the congregation, which happened at my home, I requested a meeting with the District Overseer who was due in a few weeks’ time so I could ask him my questions. When the District Overseer came he had the Presiding Overseer with him. Now I had been asking my six questions to anyone who would listen, with no answers offered for any of them, so I ask him my first question, which was, “Do JW’s consider their selves to be a prophet of God?” The District Overseer looked away from me. I could see him searching his memory banks for the proper answer. After a few seconds, he looked back and said, “Figuratively.” Then he looked at his watch and said to the Presiding Overseer, “Well Ken, it’s getting pretty late, the sisters must have lunch waiting for us by now.” They got up, excused their selves and left. They have not seen me at any meeting since.
    One final thought; if the whole world is under the power and deceived by the evil one, which denomination does that exclude? Wish you guys the best!

  17. Beautifully put Dennis!! Do you mind if I cut and paste a bit of this for my son? I appreciate the way you have the information flowing and am always looking for ways to touch my son. Glad to have you in the real world, with us real people that have real ability to see how unreal the WTBTS is!!!! Create yourself anew and have fun!

  18. I wanted to thank your family for your hard work in helping others come to learn the Truth about the watchtower Truth. I am so glad when I watch your videos and see you apply scripture to debunk the the outright blasphemous use of Gods word by this publishing powerhouse. The book of Deutoronomy 18:18-22, Proverbs 30:5,6 let us know what our creator thinks of people who falsely predict the future in Gods name. Jesus closes the entire Bible with a strict and holy warning that these cult leaders should have abided by in Revelation 22:18-23, truly he has abandoned them to their own devices. Your youtube channel stands apart as not being a part of the church of atheism movement that jwsurvey and others have become. This jwsurvey site specifically filters out the vast majority of post with bible quotes. It does post very relevant truths about the watchtower cult, but without the use of scripture, just comes off as the Ex-Jw TMZ channel, all shock and no spiritual help. I truly hope our creator keeps blessing your life saving efforts by giving you what you need to continue this work. As an elder of over two decades I can attest to all of the heartless activity that is being exposed throughout the Ex-Jw community, I implore you wonderful activist to keep Gods word in the conversation. I know that in my case it was the only way I turned my ears on to these truths. God bless

    • Thank you so much. We’re so happy we could help. The latest Annual Meeting is joke. They don’t even know their own beliefs or the bible.
      Peace on your journey to find the real Truth.

  19. Greetings Kim and Mikey, I have been following you for some time now and appreciate your common sense in scripture understanding. I have many questions, mostly reference > 🙂
    At this point my ? is you mentioned a publication that told the Congregation of JW they must be prepared to respond without questioning W.T. orders even if they do not understand or agree. Would you send me that info? I am a faded JW but my son and DIL are very active and do not challenge any thing from JW.ORG. I do feel guilty in that I brought my son into this Crap. Now I need all the help I can get to reason with them. My DIL said she agreed with me about all the changes so she makes notes with a pencil !
    Thank you, awaiting your reply,
    Dale C.

    • At that time, the life saving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s Organisation, may not appear a practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these are sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not.
      Watchtower 2013 Nov 15 p.20

  20. In effect, Jesus also conveys Jehovah’s voice to us as he directs the congregation through “the faithful and discreet slave.” (Matt. 24:45) We need to take this guidance and direction seriously, for our everlasting life depends on our obedience.
    Watchtower 2014 Aug 15 p.21

    • Hi Joel: Our everlasting life comes through Christ. Romans 6:23 says “The wages of sin is death, but the GIFT of GOD is ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ our Lord. We can’t earn a gift. It’s given by someone who loves us and wants to share something good with us. 1 John 5:11-13 says ‘He who has the Son has Life.’ John 3:16-18

      “In CHRIST, Alone, our Hope is found. ” (song)

  21. I feel very sorry that the watchtower will enjoy the war among the apostates, and as the resold would happen exactly the way the describe the apostates will dry out like the seeds of barley. we are all ex-jehovah witnesses movement, and each of us we should support everyone according to our ability.
    from a friend
    thank you

  22. Great YouTube video about Watchtower going into damage control mode! Congratulations to you and other aactivists in your far-reaching success exposing this destructive mind-control cult and others like them! I’m considering starting my own video series about the WCG that was almost parallel but, in some cases, had even more mind control than WT. The cult speak and common phrases used by that group were a caton copy of how you describe WT/JWs. Sadly, this same cult still exists in many splinter groups even though the WCG (Worldwide Church of God) is really no more. This means others are still suffering needlessly at the hands of the leaders of these cults!

    • Yes, please do your own videos. These damaging cults need to be exposed. Thank you

    • You can connect the JWs, Worldwide Church of God (Radio Church of God, and the Seventh-Day Adventist, movement back to their roots, the Millerites and William Miller.

  23. Earlier today I was watching your latest video, but between laundry and phone calls I missed more then I saw. I decided to watch it again tonight, but it is gone. What happened?

  24. Never mind, It is back.

    Thank you both for all you do!!

  25. A Bye! Bye! Watchtower production.

    I enjoy your videos. Here’s one I have.


    • Thank you very much

      • Hey Mike and Kim! I sent you a 3 nails in the coffin email. I would love for you to email me back so that I can share my story. It’s quite a story which involves the Elders punishing me twice for the same thing for ” the brothers and the sisters in the congregation” Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I sure would love to hear from you! Thanks!


        • Hi Tracy, I’m sorry if I haven’t replied yet to your email. I’ve got over a hundred in my inbox. Doe sit say “Nail in coffin” in the subject line? We certainly don’t want to miss anyone. 🙂 You can email me at
          I hope you have a wonderful day.

  26. I have a question for the governing Body. Why go through the bother of making a video about how to make the memorial bread if no one (except of course at the anointed ) are able to partake of the bread?

  27. 1 Corinthians 11:26
    For as often as YOU eat this loaf and drink this cup, YOU keep proclaiming the death of the Lord, until he arrives.

    Why are they still having the Memorial if Jesus returned in 1914?

  28. How can I forward you a Stephen Lett video?

  29. Hey Mike and Kim, I recently left the cult, please watch my video’s explaining why under, just search for Jeremiah Mullen in Youtube, feel free to leave comments.

  30. Jeanne Pauline Galman-Velasco

    Thank you for all the information it helped me to understand the fear I am experiencing right now. I am a catholic but the family of my husband is hardcore jw. We are married almost 2 years and I am also a recent mommy. I am exclusively breastfeeding even if I was mix-bottlefed as a child I have no information about their organization. They always push me to bible study and give comments that I know in my heart is wrong. I got married because of love and now I also need to strengthen and defend my faith. I hope you can consider to assist me to help my husband since he still feels he knows the truth but I know in my heart God is love. Fear driven and Love driven are opposite. I hope to hear from you guys. God Bless.

    • Hi Jeanne, so sorry to hear that you & your husband are having to deal with this. We hear this a lot and it’s very stressful for everyone.
      Mike & I were raised JW’s, 42+ years for both of us.
      This Watchtower corporation is a fear & guilt driven cult. 1 John 4:18
      Listen to your gut & heart.
      JW’s always use the illustration to others that if your religion has one drop of poison in it, you should re-examine your beliefs. But they will not do the same. That is why Mike & I do our videos. We try to use their own doctrines, literature, etc to expose the lies.
      We’ve actually had JW’s say that they would rather be wrong and stay in the organization, than be right and alone.
      That is scary.
      I wish we could talk to your husband but unfortunately there isn’t 1 magic thing that works for everyone. For Mike & I it was the Watchtower misquoting their references in the “Reasoning from the scriptures” under the subject ‘Cross’
      Those (…’s) are hiding misquoting.
      You can email us at with any questions. If your husband has any doubts or questions, please just ask. Don’t squash down those questions.
      We will pray for you & your family.
      Kim & Mike

  31. URGENT! Could you guys please look into 2 Corinthians 5:20 in the JW Silver shank. You will see from their translation that they have now put themselves in the position of “Substitutes” for Christ. We all understand what substitute means, it means the taking away of one thing to be replaced with another. This scripture alone supports all that you aye making people aware of on Youtube.

  32. Jeanne Pauline Galman-Velasco

    Thank you so much for the strength and loving words. I will e-mail soon the details because as of the moment they are shunning him and they want to get close to me and my baby….. stress is building up in me since I need to balance everthing….. . I just always pray then I got to see your site. I feel strengthen by your courage as husband and wife. Thank you so much. You will see my e-mail soon. God Bless Always! Thank you for the prayers! Jeanne

  33. Hi guys. love your work. wanted to ask if you could give the reference to a watchtower article (I think you said 1981 but not quite sure)on practices considered apostate but are now deemed ok. I think you mentioned it in one of the Greiber videos or Bait & switch.

    • Did I happen to put the link under the video in the description. usually if we make reference to something and don’t have it in front of us at the time, I try to put the link underneath. If I remember right we mentioned how blood fractions were wrong years ago and in 2006 it was a conscience matter.

  34. Hi Mike and Kim, I’ve faded about 3 years ago got rid off my brif case and all literature. I never believed in this organization, just did it to please my parents because I was a minor and lived at home with them. But now Im an adult and do not wish to continue with this charade of pretending to be a JW. I dont know if this qualifies me for nail on the coffin , but it would be a great honor and be able to see it later on youtube. Love you guys.
    Lenny from Miami, Fl

    • Hi Lenny,
      Yes, you would fall under the ‘old timers’ nail. We would be honored and very happy to pound your nail on the coffin lid.
      Thank you so much and have a great day.

  35. Hi Kim and Mike!
    I’m 18 years old and recently stumbled upon your videos on YouTube. I have to say watching your commentary and analysis of the Watchtowers hypocrisy and indoctrination really made me open my eyes, I’ve always been doubtful but now I know for sure. I was raised a JW from birth, both my parents and my fathers parents are JW. I fear being disfellowshipped as I’ve been having commiting “serious sins” with my non believing boyfriend, and am now standing up to my parents about my own beliefs and my hope to seek independence and freedom from the organisation. I don’t know how to do this though, they are very close to the congregation.
    Thank you for all the great work you are doing, I’m glad people are finally bringing to light what’s actually happening in the Organisation.
    Kind regards from Ireland!!!!
    Emily x

    • Hello Emily, we are so happy to hear that you have woken up and that our videos helped you. Welcome to your freedom and when you are ready for your nail in Watchtower’s coffin lid, please let us know.
      Kind regards and big hugs back. Kim

      • Thanks to assist that young person. Any disfellowshipment is a big tragedy for the person. This religion is so evil that i wish to come with a TRACTOR and put manure at the entree of the WTS Head Office. But am from the Netherlands.

  36. I would like to know how the j dubs explain how the bible says men would be scoffers in the last days saying where is this coming ? All things continue as from creation. How can they scoff at an invisible presence ? By the way check out a Christina Darlington. She has published a book “Documented Facts The W.T. Society Doesn’t Want You to Know” available on amazon. She has publications going all the to the early 1840’s and summarized in her book. The volume of books she has is enormous and it is worth your effort to contact her. ArtSzymkow

  37. I wonder how the J dubs explain how the bible says in the last days men would be scoffers saying where is this coming? How can they scoff at an invisible presence? Check out a Christina Darlington. She published a book available on amazon. It’s called – Documented facts the W.T. society doesn’t want you to know. Christina has a huge collection of wt books going all the way to the 1840’s and her book is a summary of all of it. Thanks for your videos their great. By the way Russian authorities are closing down the wt by planting teach books in the kingdom halls and returning to find the books that are deemed subversive books by the Russian authorities. For the first time in my life I am pulling for the Russians.

  38. I would love for you to do a video on the 1956 wt that states that you can not divorce your spouse if they were involved in beastiality and homosexuality because it takes a man and a woman to commit adultery…W56 10/1 pages 590-593
    Par 20

    in 1957…they changed their views and then said yes you can divorce

    in 1972 ….they changed their views again and then said no you cannot divorce

    in 1983 …they changed their views and then said yes you can divorce

    so 4 times that I know of…the proper food at the proper time…was not so proper at all…no wonder they have such a weird attitude about child molestation.

  39. Hi Mike & Kim,
    My name is Dyshonda Fowler. I am 45 years old and was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness. I was disfellowshipped in September 1996. I would like to get my story out there because they are a backward people. I’ve never thought of going back and never will due to the child molestation cases. I just don’t understand how yheu can kick a person out for fornication, but leave a child molester in with good standing, and the word apostate use to scare me to death as a young witness child. But now I’ve found out in this organization you can bring literature from their old magazine and be called an apostate, so if I am called one so be it. But everything these so called apostate are saying is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I forgot to mention that I love all of your videos, and I have subscribed to them. I am just waiting on the day that they come back to my door trying to get me to come back; I got something for them. Bye for now.


    P.S. CAN I get my nail in the coffin, too. If so could I get a red one cause my vision is not that great. Thanks!!

  40. You guys are a blessing and the Lord is really using you for His glory.
    I had two Jehovahs Witness friends, but they now reject me , because I told them that the Watchtower society is very deceptive .But than I said, ” Sean you and your wife are kind , loving people, but the WT are false prophets, and they lie.
    He looked at me and said, I am the Watchtower Society. Oy Vey! Now that’s really cultish.

  41. Thank you for all you do. I been out of JW for 15 years. I still feel a little bit of guilt (very little) for leaving. I left when my children were getting old enough to be affected by the things going on. I refused to let them go through what I went through. I have to tell my story. I got pregnant when I was 18, I was so ashamed. The elders brought me in the back and started hitting me with questions. The worse ones were: Did you enjoy having sex? What the hell did that have to do with anything? And the other was: Is this your fathers baby? What kind of question was that to ask a young, scared and ashamed 18 year old?

  42. Please put a nail in coffin for me. I have been out for 15 years not disfellowshipped just inactive but I am out.

  43. Mike & Kim, please contact me. Email is below. Look forward to hearing from you both!

  44. I am an inactive jw from Mexico, I want to leak some information for jw exposers in my country, info they could use, I still go to some meetings but I can see through the lies, my dad is an elder, and he shares some info with me, I want to know if you know some one that could use a hard copy of the jdubs new study book, here in México i still have some friends in there but I do not know how to get them out, by the way I have seen some of your vídeos. Keep up the good work. Hope you can contact me, and wish you the best
    I won’t post my real name, if you wish I can record a hearing that some elders will have with me, only audio but I hope it works, thank you for your great work

  45. Mike and Kim I hope you can contact me I try to leave the jdubs but my dad insists, help me out below is my email. Wish you the best keep with the good work cheers, Pd I hope my family left this broken jdub cult, and I wish I could work as a source for someone here in México, best regards. Sorry if I gave you trouble with my last comment, this is no joke or trap, hope you can trust me, wish you luck, thank you.

  46. You are genuine Christians (in my opinion) I have recently left the JW’s and have written letters sharing my experience. May I share these letters with you? and you may use them as you see fit, Steve

  47. Mike kim could you do more info on the story on WT linking up with tech transfer co .if this can be verified it is explosive info.we in uk are not alowed to support UK veterans or buy a this would be hypocrisy on a large scale…thank you for your vids. I comment under a different name

  48. Hi, I left the organization back in June and you guys never put a nail in the coffin when I contacted you about it… I’ve watched every video you guys do and not once have you mentioned my name… please could you put one on for me…thank you..

  49. Hi i need to speak with you regarding what you are doing – there is something you are missing and need to bring it to your attention .
    yes i am a ex JW and thank the Lord I am free from this cult religion..
    Regards Louise Wilken

  50. Hi guys!

    Scott from the SE here again. I just finished watching your video with Spike R. I would love to talk with him further if at all possible. Can you please forward my contact information to him when convenient for you?

    I’ve been in contact with Alex James further, and she’s given me some good advice regarding how to handle my mom. This community has been wonderful! Thank you all!


  51. Hi Mike and Kim I just want to thank you very much for your video I have finally left the Jehovah witness. It took me two year but it finally happen and now I am making a big impact on my brother who still hasn’t left the truth he himself has also had now changed his mind about the truth and is reading books and watching video on the false teaching of the Jehovah witness.
    Keep up the good work I have a recorded experience with two elders it was before I was disfellowshiped. Anyway thank you i love watching your video very informative and motivative for people who are still or have left the church.

    • I have shown my close friend the recording he was shocked. I probably wasted my time talking to them i wanted answers

  52. Hi Kim and Mike thank you for your videos. they have really helped my husband and I to open our eyes to so many things. what’s funny is that I found your videos by accident I was trying to find the site I thought they said Jehovah witness not just jw so I typed in Jehovah witness and your videos popped up and the light got brighter lol. thank you again .

    • Thank you so much. We’re glad you like our videos. Our daughter told us that in her Sociology class, the teacher was looking for a video on youtube about cults and our videos popped up. She was very embarrassed. LOL

  53. Olá, muito prazer em conhecê – los.
    Eu gostaria de entrar no grupo do Facebook e que vcs legendassem em português os seus vídeos.
    Obrigada pela atenção

  54. hello Mike and Kim from Ecuador. Like your videos. i have been a jw for ten years. i just want to say that the people has the right to know the history of the JW when they knock on your door and offer you a “Bible” study. i mean, the yellow book does not say anything about russel and the pyramid of giza or Rutherford and Beth sarim and things like that. Congratulations i just wanted you to know that i watch your videos in Ecuador so you dont know the extent of your good work. please keep in touch.

    • Hello from the U.S. Thank you so much for watching and your kind words. You’re right, there should be full disclosure and the public needs to know what they are really getting involved in when they study with JW’s.

  55. Hi Guys,

    can you contact me on E-Mail ? Got some points you might be interested in.

  56. Jennifer Sinclair

    Did you get my email?

    • When did you send it? I’m working on April’s emails right now. So if you sent it after April 7th, I will get to it.

  57. Vuledzani Mavhungu

    Hi Mike and Kim. My name is Vulu, and i am from South Africa. I have been watching your videos, and they have really helped me. I am turning 16 later on this month, and so what really got to me was Watchtower and their shunning policy, as well as their stealing future aspirations from the youth. I am really incensed at their shunning policy, and now it is spilling over to my mom, whom i love very much. I really dont want a future with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, not after the unsavoury things i have been hearing: child sexual abuse, doctrinal changes, breaking up families etc, but my mom still thinks that it is “God’s Organisation”, and so she expects me to get baptised to it within a few years. I want to leave, but i also want to take my mom and young siblings with so that i dont get shunned. I just want a brighter future for my family and I, and i dont want the WTBTS to get in the way. It saddens me how they mislead the rank and file to cover up their covetous desires, and how they nearly fooled me into sacrificing an amazing future for their own hypocritical desires. I am trying to do well at school yet my bible study wants me to sacrifice my time to go and peddle their propaganda ie: “the preaching work”, and now i am in a really tight position, for there are things in school that i really enjoy, and that i refuse to sacrifice for a large multinational slave-driver. May i please have some advice as to how to get my mom out?
    Keep up the amazing work

    • Vulu, we wish there was a ‘magic’ thing that could wake a JW up. Unfortunately, there isn’t. They have to be having doubts or questions to begin with. We always suggest, being careful and subtle when talking to JW family. Concentrate on your education first. That is what is important right now at your age. I don’t know if you can try fading without saying anything and just make an occasional meeting. But please don’t let the JW’s tell you what to do or live your life. that is YOUR life. We will pray for you & your family. If your mom makes a statement something negative against the organization, ask her about it. If you time, do some research on WT & its history. That might help in talking to her if something comes up. please take care of yourself.

      • Vuledzani Mavhungu

        Hi Kim and Mike
        Thanks so much for your encouraging words. They really are helping so far, with regards to fading. I have decided to first tell my mom about the investments in the military companies, with adverts, when the time is proper because i am praying that then, she will slowly begin to see this religion for what it truly is. After i heard that Watchtower made investments into war machines which KILL innocent women and children, i just stopped believing in anything the leadership said. Its disgusting, how they made those investments😣. I wasnt even allowed to become an investor, due to one elder. It also saddens me, as a young man, how even in todays society, the religion still hides paedophiles who assault innocent children, and still advocates for the subservient role of women, which was last seen in the early 1900s. This religion has to go. Strange enough, Witnesses in South Africa are immune to the problems that the WTBTS is facing, but i am also praying that they will eventually see what is going on. I know that i have yet to leave the religion, but is it all right if i could please have a nail in the coffin, because this religion sickens me all the time? Can it please be red?

        Thank you for all your encouraging words, and videos, and your love for family.
        Best wishes

  58. Peter and AnneMaria S. Heimá

    thank you for all the video´s you guy´s are making. please let them coming. they are a big help too starting activisme against watchtower in Denmark.


  59. Found this and not sure how it all adds up but thought you might like it as we know how much they rake in

  60. Hey Mike & Kim, I left an email regarding the article in the Australian “Sunday Telegraph” regarding “Nowhere to hide for child abusers”. As a result of the Australian Royal Commission it looks likely that they are going to enact laws that will bring the whole organization to accountability whether they are at fault or not for child abuse that goes on in an organization…woohoo!

    Cheers Micah

  61. Hi Mike and Kim! I left you an email of utmost importance! Please contact me asap? Thank you for the work you do for XJWCSASurvivors like me!

  62. Hi Mike and Kim, I was wondering if you ever received my email regarding the elders wives being able to seat and count at the don’t give up district convention?? I was wondering if they allowed this in response to the ARC, giving sisters a little more responsibility or are the brothers not stepping up. Never would I imagine a sister going up n down the aisles like the brothers did. The competition they are fostering will be fierce. My cousin got on Instagram bragging on herself and her privileges. Anyway, please let me know what’s up with this
    And hope all is well.

  63. Hi Mike and Kim. Did you guys show evidence of Pennsylvania Watchtower trying to take down your YouTube channel before? If not, could you provide it please?

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