Cop Confronts Jehovah’s Witness Elders About Child Abuse


  1. Just wanted to say thankyou from Windsor, England; for your great inspiring and supportive videos esp on YouTube. I kind of have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this because I’m so grateful to you both and many others, for not only helping people see the wrongs of the JW organisation but also for just being available and human.
    I was a JW for 20 years, my 3 children came to the meetings with me. In all those years I never found an elder who understood my position (3 young kids and an alcoholic abuse day husband). Shepherding calls were more like teachers telling off a child for not doing their homework, (due to my illness I couldn’t always be out in Field Service), rather than loving and caring sessions. I had an illness that I believe was made worse by being a JW.
    Don’t feel sorry for me though because I’ve survived. And although my childrens father sadly died of cancer 2 years ago, they still have me; an affected but strong woman.
    And they are the most beautiful supportive, talented and.caring young people I could ever wish for as my children. In spite of the WT they’ve grown up as well balanced loving people.
    M A

    • Thank you so much. We’re so sorry to hear about the abuse you suffered. You are a stronger person now. We’re so happy you like our videos.

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