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If you attended a Jehovah Witness Private School and were a victim of child abuse please either post below or send us a private message. there may be a lawsuit filed.

The Christian Educational Development Institute in San Bernardino California is one of them.

We are here to help as much as we can.


  1. Greetings from beautiful Big Sky Country! My name is Sonya Horyna and I was student at CEDI betwen 1973 and 1976 and raped by the school administrator and principal Mr Paul Allen. I was between the ages of 14 & 15. This assault on my self esteem, aspirations and loss of family support completely changed the course.of my life. At a sleepover at a friends house I confided to a friend about what happened and she told her mom which put me under the judgemental microscope of the Judicial Committee. During this meeting the elders led the conversation in an accusatory manner to make it seem that I was the one at fault for what happened at that school!!! I hope that by giving a snipit of what happened to me maybe another student will come forward… As the Zalkin law firm is VERY interested in knowing more! And it SINCERELY my greatest wish that NO ONE else was affected by this MONSTER! Thanks for taking the time to read this…Sincerely, Sonya V Horyna <3

    • Thank you Sonya, you are very brave and we hope we can help you find other victims.

    • Dear Sonya, my heart breaks for you and what you went through. I did not know that the witchtower has private schools, knowing what I know now that is a frightening thought. I was abused very young, not in a school but by a stepdad who would study with the witnesses to manipulate my mother to stay or return when she would have to leave due to violence. In my congregation as a youngster I had 3 friends abused sexually and consistently by their father. In my case the abuser admitted guilt to my mum. She told the elders and sought a “scriptural divorce”. They defended my rapist and really gave my mum a hard time to the point she had a minor stroke at age 30 with 4 kids to raise. My friends, same thing, we knew cause they trusted us and told us. The elders once again put their mother through hell even though they had more than enough proof and more than two witnesses. No police called, no justice done.My dear my heart and prayers are with you and may Christ take you under His wing. Peace to you and love sister.

  2. Dear Sonya,
    Are there no limits to the depravity of the Watchtower society! My heart really goes out to you.

    For many years I suspected that Jehovah’s Witnesses had their own private school – though I whenever I asked anyone about it, it was denied flat out. But that may be because we lived in South Africa, and the school was in the USA.

    I was a young teenager in the early 80’s and my sister was pre-teen. About that time, a VERY wealthy American Jehovah’s Witness couple stayed at our humble home for a few weeks. This, I believe, was organised by the elders and Bethelites in the congregation. That couple took an immediate and strong liking to me and my sister. They were probably the richest people we had ever met! They gave us kids our own SOLID GOLD pens, and they gave my mum a leaf that had been dipped in 24ct gold. These were just the “thank you” gifts for our hospitality. But there was something strange about them, and this is what I remember:

    Their name was Borman I think. The spelling may be wrong. I remember this because we had a circuit overseer with the name of Bournman – which was very similar, but not the same.

    The man was VERY tall – so tall that his feet would stick out the bottom of a standard sized bed. They were in the medical appliance business – hearing aids in particular I think – so they were NOT full-time servants. The wife had a ring that was very unusual – it had an onyx base with a ‘dancing diamond’ that moved around the piece. My sister couldn’t take her eyes off it.

    They were rich, yes! But that wasn’t the strange part. They wanted to take me and my sister back to California with them for a whole year! They pretty much implored and begged our parents to let us go back to the States with them – for they were childless. We also begged our parents to let us go too! They said that they would show us a “fine time” and we could even go to Disneyland, and the Jehovah’s Witness school – WHICH THEY HELPED TO ESTABLISH! … Fortunately sanity prevailed and we kids stayed with our folks. When they left we never heard from them again.

    Now the above doesn’t prove or disprove anything regarding your case unfortunately, but it may provide you with another name of someone that may know something. But it’s a VERY long shot – based on my memory from a long time ago. I don’t even know how many JW schools were established. It could be a totally different school.

    Thank you for confirming that at least one Jehovah’s Witness school existed.

  3. When I was in high school in Yuma AZ there was this Gilead Grad from Phoenix who came once a week on business. He worked for the state I always would ask him about his experience in Bolivia and HQ. He would have me go over to his hotel room to have these conversations I always would talk about WT topics. He would always turn the conversation about sex and he would use the sexual health premise He would try frequently to massage me but I would never let him .touch me He had a foot fetish but I never let him touch me. Every time I met with him he always mentioned topics like prostate masturbation erogenous zones sexual endurance. Then an older friend approached me and asked me if he was having these conversations with me because he was having these conversations with my friend Then he told me that they accused him of molesting a brother my age in Phoenix He denied it and eventually retired and moved back to Bolivia. Looking back I was so naive I trusted him. He didn’t want me to call him in my senior year because I had a girlfriend and he was “disappointed in me ” These Pedos act like mentors but they are predators
    I never knew how to connect the dots. I was busy moving on in life I did not feel violated but I always wondered about that kid in Phoenix. He denied it of course
    When I moved to Phoenix I had a fight with the local Spanish elders then I remembered and told them ” hey I rmememer you guys , you were friends with Manny, I remember meeting you at the assembly You were his Friends”. OMG they had the face of the devil and I ran and never returned . Funny how memory works

  4. I was wondering if you know the name of the couple who had a YouTube of their apostasy judicial from 1984. They were elder and wife and he at the end of owning the elders with scriptures enumerated 1 2 3 4 5 why they were disassociating and why he felt Watchtower was violating Bible. For some reason it does not show up in history and I really wanted to transcribe it. They had taped way back in 84 and it was a husband and wife. Thanks

  5. StalkedByElders

    Marie ,
    I do recall running across what you described in the last 4 or 5 days doing research on youtube .

    if I find it again I will post the link .

  6. StalkedByElders

    hello Marie , I found the one I was listening too , it was a recording from 1984 judicial meeting of Rick and Laverne Townsend.


  7. Hello Mike and Kim,

    I have been watching your very entertaining videos for 6 months or more. I would like to express that your videos have helped me through several months when feeling the isolation associated with ” fading away” from Watchtower.
    I was wondering if you were disfellowshipped or disassociated yourself from the Org, not that it matters since they were struck by new light just recently regarding shunning of inactive ones. I applaud your worthy cause to help ones who have had their lives demolished by the insidious nature of this organization. I have recently come to understand the they have their efforts and money tied up in man.y private businesses in education, industry, and telecommunications. I wa’s very gullible thinking that they practised what they preached and we’re ” no part of the evil part of the world of commerce”, They are dirty, dishonest men. I am interested in knowing more about schools estylised and opened by any JW affiliates. Perhaps you have insight as to how I can research this info . Also, I would very much like to read your book. By the way, I saw the video of those :low elders counseling yup about the impropriety of one of the characters in your book. I still laugh when I think of it.


    Theresa Giles Watchtower surviver

    • Good morning, thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to contact us. Mike & I were disfellowshipped Sept 18 2013 for apostasy if you wish to hear the story about that Eric of JWStruggle did a video about our disfellwshipping.
      We’re glad you like our videos and they helped you. We believe that it is important to let those leaving Watchtower that they are not the crazy ones and we want to reinforce that we have all made the right decision to leave.
      Hope you have a wonderful day

  8. I cannot express enough gratitude for this site. It has been many years since I have stepped foot into the Kingdom Hall and to this day I still have issues letting things go. I still have my NWT bibles, ugh I want to throw them away but can’t find the strength to do so as I feel guilty. Just the other day I was having a wonderful time out with friends having dinner and along came some JW’s from the congregation I used to attend, they didn’t see me but I saw them and my whole demeanor changed. I walked by the table but only a few were from my congregation and Thankfully they didn’t look up…I was never raised as a JW but for the years I was in I was fully indoctrinated into their schemes. I seen the light then after my good friend who’s husband was/is they’re divorced now took the side of a “brother” who was known for making sexual advances towards women and had my friend brought to the elders…his own wife who did nothing wrong but tell her elder husband that this guy had grabbed her breasts and rear end during a meeting nonetheless yet she was in the wrong. I had came back from visiting the Watchtower Society in New York both in Brooklyn and at the farm, when I was told what had happened and that she was under elders review for her conduct, I left never to return. Oh they’ve tried to get me to speak with the elders to be disfellowshipped but I never gave them that satisfaction, so I am assuming I am DF’d without my knowledge or considered BA because I have been shunned since leaving…they can kiss my ***! However, the aftereffects are still there, and I do miss some of the families though I know they are in the “dark” about the “truth.”

  9. Estuve averiguando y esa escuela aparece como una escuela catolica

  10. An elder in our congregation was arrested for taking inappropriate pictures of children, our young daughter was one of them. I never trusted him but my wife, who is Still a Witness, argued that he was just a little different. The elders only told us not to discuss it with anyone to protect the congregation, we were never offered any support.

    I am no longer a JW &, although not disfellowshiped, have been snubbed by many members.

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