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  1. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us! Your bravery as a family unit to turn and walk away from the mind numbing teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is an inspiration!
    Much Love, Sonya

  2. This is a wonderful website, Kim and Mikey! I’m sure that it will help many to escape the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Im so glad that I found your YouTube channel and I really enjoy your compassion and humour.

    Keep up the good work! Peace be with you, Excelsior!

    • Hello, Kim and Mike here is a video that was sent to my husband on 9/20/17 by the COS check it out I don’t know what it is about, maybe asking for money.
      Username usa-irma-vwr
      Password Matthew24:14
      Best Regards Emilia

  3. I do not feel safe at the KH not only do they have known and convicted pedophiles BUT anyone can be accused of pedophilia. This does NOT take away from ANYONE who has been abused by the WT or any person who has been molested by members. The point is that the WT does not deal with pedophilia on any level. They don’t want to talk about it, they do not want members knowing about it and they act as if it doesn’t exist and they tell their members that it doesn’t exist, I know this from personal experience. I cannot go back to the KH I do not feel safe at all there.

    • You are absolutely right. They will not warn the congregation. They only report the accusation if the state requires it. They feel that if they don’t talk about it, the problem doesn’t exist. We’ve actually heard some Elders telling members who bring up the subject that it is all apostate propaganda. Thank you for the comment.

    • You have every good reason then NOT to attend your kingdom hall any more.
      This would also give you the opportunity to point out just how bad the two witness rule is to any Elder/brother/sister who is very likely going to be in contact with you.
      Better still If you are brave and up to it you could attend the kingdom hall as normal for the last time to get your pennies worth in first before your name is blackened and you are slandered and to do this my suggestion for this is that you go to the Kingdom hall and wait for the ideal opportunity which id say would be during a watchtower/ book study put your hand up to answer the question but instead when the opportunity comes to you and you have the microphone go for gold and say your piece then the whole congregation will know why(rather then say just the odd one or two) as from this moment on why you no longer feel safe at the kingdom hall.
      By doing this i believe you would be helping others and who knows how many others are in your congregation feeling exactly the same as you? Just go for it!
      I wish you well freind an hope all works out for you

  4. Did you know the last few links dont work?

  5. ...for I am Jonathan

    Thank you both so much for the beautiful work of what is REAL Truth and Real Love.


  6. patricia mcginly

    Dearest Mike & Kim,
    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words concerning the passing of my little Gracie dog. To take the time out of your busy schedule to send the condolence to me means more than you could imagine. Bless you both for all that you do to help people. Warm regards, Patricia & Gracie in Spirit 🙂

    • You are welcome. We know what it is like to lose our furry family members. Thank you and peace on your journey.

  7. this video explains so much concerning the actions or inactions of the watchtower.

    • Hi Guys,
      Love your latest analysis of the DC speaker & his mis quoting of Mark 11.
      Once you get to see (only possible from the outside) what cult speak they use to plant concepts and false ideas in people’s mind you really see the evil in the cult.
      I feel they are either the evil slave or the man of lawlessness – maybe both !
      Thanks for all the encouragement, and keep up the good work.
      Paul & Joy

  8. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the great analysis of the DC talk where he misquoted Mark 11.
    It is impossible to pick these types of cult programming when on the inside.
    Once you get out and look from a new perspective it is just so obvious how much they use pet phrases and suggestive ideas along with plentiful mi-applied scriptures. Thanks for pointing out all these gems !
    We hope that more people see your videos and wake up.
    Warmest Regards,
    Paul & Joy

    • Thank you. We’re glad you liked it. Yeah, this was so hilarious what this guy was saying.
      have a great week.
      kim & mike

  9. This is Darth Jehovah from You Tube comments. This is a very informative website thanks. 🙂

  10. Kim and Mike,I’m sure you have seen the news of the two tv reporters that were shot and killed this week the man who shot them was Vester Flanagan he was raised a JW but was’nt a practicing JW he claimed to be gay and he said he did’nt like white women or black men he was let go from numerous jobs and mental illness in his family.My point is he could have been shunned by his family and over time he grew angry you can’t just stop going to meetings and not pay the price.The news media just thinks he was a disgruntled employee and had mental issues because he kept claiming every where he worked the people were racist also he could have been disfellowshipped.It makes me mad that the news media will not look at his childhood and see that this tragedy could have a lot to do with his religion.The reason I’m telling y’all this is maybe you could look into it alittle more and share with the people what any apostate would think as soon as they heard this man was raised a JW! Would love to hear your take on this if you have time?

    • Thank you for contacting us. Yes, it appears to most of us who left, that everyone raised in this cult has some form of mental issues and emotional baggage. We just have different degree of it.

      • Thank you both for replying so quick.I have been following y’all for a long time.I’m an apostate and have a daughter shunning me on and off and now,on again up down, up down and now totally shut off from me.I see a very sad and hurt look in both of your eyes that you can’t hide.I’m so sorry for that .I know you would not being doing all that you do if your family was not trapped in this cult! Love you both,your work does not go unnoticed by me. Thank you both again 😘

        • Thank you so much. Yes, it hurts so much that we cannot get our friends & family to even listen to us. The shunning policy is cruel & unusual punishment. That is why we keep fighting against the damaging cult known as JW’s. Thank you for your encouraging message. Kim & Mike

  11. Great post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Extremely helpful information particularly the
    final part 🙂 I deal with such info a lot.

    I was looking for this particular info for a long
    time. Thanks and good luck.

  12. Incredible. What will you add regarding Australia??
    What happened to Barbara and Bill Bowen? isn’t Barbara in the Atlanta area ive heard her name before. what’s sick is all you heat is she is bad and spoke against the organization. she wsd only bringing out “new light” on these abuse cases.WTF my life has been wasted 55 years of damned if you do damned if you don’t. I think ill go throw up

    • Tim Hord…I understand. If you want to email to just have a shoulder please write. It is hard when you find out your life has been a lie. But think it is not a lie a day more.

  13. Hi Mickey and Kim love your videos. Just escaped from watchtower after 20yrs for Margaret and 8yrs for Ray (real names) we live in Cumbria England have sent a message to Marc and Cora you are all wonderful people very informative uplifting loving and very funny Mickey love your enthusiasm Kim keeps you on the ground put a couple of nails in the coffin for us will keep watching love you guys xxxx

    • Thank you so much and we’re glad you like our videos. We would be honored to pound some nails in Watchtower’s coffin lid for you. So happy that you found your freedom.
      Thank you for contacting us and peace on your new journey.
      Kim & Mike

  14. Hi Mom and Dad it’s Blackjak,thanks for posting Jullians video.You can now put a nail in the coffin For Kyla,Jack,Asaph and Adelle we are all out!!!!!

    • Congratulations on waking up! Now your family will be able to worship in a way that is really pleasing to God. Great video with Kim & Mike. We really identified with what you all said.

  15. Hi Mikey and Kim, you already have our nails in the coffin from last year, I was thinking that the wtbts should have a poster like uncle Sam, but it should have that clown Lett with a tall hat on, and pointing the finger that says “WE WANT YOU” (and your money), and instead of the stars and stripes on his hat, he could have the JW.ORG on a blue band around the hat.I wish I was more computer savvy, so I could photoshop it and give you a good chuckle. Love you both, and a thankyou from the bottom of our hearts. XOXOXO

  16. I am not and never have been a JW but they keep coming to my door. I would really appreciate a video from you folks on how to respond to the witnesses that come to my door. I would like to help them escape this cult and you know first hand what did it for you. BTW I love your videos and your nails in the coffin updates.


    • Hi, thank you so much and we’re glad you like our videos. For us, it was the misquote in the Reasoning From the Scriptures book about the ‘Cross’ but unfortunately they have just discontinued that book. It is difficult to say because we are all trained at how to handle objections. Now, they just pull out their phones or tablets and take you to for your questions. It is getting harder & harder to engage with them in an intelligent conversation. I had 2 sisters show up at our door last summer. i showed them t hings right in their own literature & bible and they had an answer for everything (obviously they weren’t right on anything). But you just cannot talk to them. Just keep it simple. For instance, they claim to be God’s channel. How come this channel has never given them the proper pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton (God’s name).

  17. What’s with the idea of the memorial perhaps being observed twice in a year, one time in the Spring and the other time in the autumn. GB observes the annual meeting in October how would this conflict with a memorial in either August or September the true month of Nisan or what was earlier known by Moses as Abib 13/14

  18. Hi guys, how are you two doing? Just wondering if the purpose of these big screen tv’s in the halls are so they can insert subliminal messages when they broadcast their propaganda at the meetings, like “DONATE, DONATE, DONATE !!!, Ice cream money, gas money, grocery money, etc.I wouldn’t put it past them

    • Have you noticed the weird spiral lines behind the desk on JWBroadcast? Very hynotic subliminal images

      • No I haven’t, but I’ll check it out. Anyway, thinking back 50 years when I was about 8, I remember my Mom taking the Truth (crock) first, and us going to a Masonic Temple for the meetings. This was in Quebec. I always remember as a kid the glowing blue light above the masons insignia. I just stared at that while some old JW droned on. You know whats funny, is blue light, blue sign, im wondering if the blue represents anything Mason wise? Makes you think…which I like to do now, think for myself. Its great to be free. 🙂

      • In the temple of Ishtar there are weird spiral lines. They think now they represent DNA and the cooking pots are people being made? Saw it on YouTube.

  19. Steve in Arizona aka Bobby Paluga

    Guy’s I’m surprised you were so confused with the date picked for the Memorial. You didn’t factor in the Overlapping New Moon’s. With that in mind work on it again and everything will fall into place for you as it did for the GB.
    Miley, Kim, you are the best!

  20. Arizona Steve aka:Bobby Paluga

    YouTube Taken Dowm-
    I get an update when you upload another video, or I can go to my subscriptions and rewatch older videos if I have a question and need information. I’m sure we all have the same set-up. When your channel disappeared from my list and I received no updates I was of course, concerned. You two mean a great deal to me, your love and your kindness really touches my heart. I’m sorry that you have to deal with the pettiness of others who wish to stop your work.
    If I can write or call anyone to assist is getting your channel back up, please let me know. Or for that matter, if I can do anything on my end to help the Mura family I would be happy to do anything to help.
    You have brought so much happiness to former JWs by helping them break the chains and live a life without the fear, control and intimidation, it’s vital we get you back up so you can continue to bless those who view your work.
    Thank you for the effort and talent that go into all you do,

    • Thank you so much for your kind offer. If & When we are taken down again. We will let everyone know. Have a great weekend.

  21. How I was duped into believing 1914 as date for Armageddon and the scripture that prooved it wrong all along. 2nd Thessalonians 2. 1,2. Jws claimed the Lord already came but this scripture clears it up very plainly. When 100 years came and went with no fulfilment it was obvious to gb that what was taught Is a lie but they went ahead and changed it to an overlapping generation which is also a lie according to scripture. Had I realized I could have saved myself 30 years of lies. One just one scripture debunks that whole lie and exposes them as the false prophet’s they are.

    • You can not blame yourself. We all need information and looking for social contacts. The whole problem is that this idiots of the 7 Brooklyn selfproclaimed bosses are the ANTICHRIST and APOSTATE . So when Satan look as the angel of lights , than it not surprised that Satan used this religion. Am looking two years for a better life after i am ready with this religion, even i was not born/raised up in the WTS.We need to have affection with people so even the JW members. The Governing Body we can blame, sure

  22. Hi. I have recently started looking into the child abuse cases within the organization. I have been a witness for 20 years and had no idea. I really started researching after I got out of a physically abusive marriage to a so called brother. I believe I was manipulated into believing the most important thing was to keep the marriage intact even though my gut was telling me to get away quickly. You see I have a daughter (his stepdaughter) and he hated her and admitted to thar only to me ofcourse not the brothers. It was so bad thar now I can’t even go to the meetings. I do believe Jehovah is the true God but I can’t put any trust into the elders and Governing body. I guess they would consider me apostate. I don’t know why I wrote on this site except for the fact that I know all the friends would tell me just to leave it to Jehovah which would be ok except that I am supposed to do as the governing body and Elders say in order to do that and I can’t and no witness I know would even begin to understand.

  23. The sweetest of anniversaries are a result of getting through the life’s most bitter moments… hand in hand and heart to heart. Happy anniversary.

  24. read you background story and have seen 2 or 3 utube made like the carrots in the background are they chilling ha ha.

    A quick question or 2 i’m trying to find out is why do the GB ALLOW the printing of these subliminal images if they are the good guys even if perhaps only 1% of them are illuminati luciferians etc?

    Have you checked upon the 607 bobylon kicks Israel arse date in in world and jewish headline history like in the back if the scripture inspired book which is 20 years out?

    how could russell tell that he was chosen by God in the first few months?
    What I mean is that we can actually also go around other religions and compare what the bible says with that religions teachings and find facts as he did and take them to heart also.

    Look forwards to hear some reply from you in the near future meanwhile keep you tongue out ha ha regards Snoopy

    • Hi, the Gb might not even be unaware of what is in the literature but we don’t believe they are totally clueless that what is going on within their organization.
      have a great day

  25. Hi mike and Kim.
    Just watched the utube vid on the judicial meeting with the grim reapers you are clearly a passionate man for real bible truth and kind of reminded me of the NCIS EPISODE OF gibbs after recovering being blown up he is in mtac screaming at the chief of staff admiral even calling him a bastard
    Good for you kim in writing something which even as a home based business should be completely separate from jw hope you sell 5,000 and get a $1 back for each in and swearing in it or not write a load more hun buy a flat with your profit and rent it out for retirement cashthat’s what I am trying to do by answering life questions biblically andsuch with gen 1 – 7 included
    Unfortunately none back down the hall want to even read past the first few sentences to proof read it so what can I do but say okay il’ll do it all myself see ya and walk away why not compare those of the first century with today jw org in book form then you are doing matt 24 14 and making people aware their is more than the physical but also the spiritual battle right now going on. The entire planet should be on such a def con 1 red alert to this. regards Snoopy.

  26. Hi guys
    Got a little question for you.
    Been trying to get a copy of crisis of conscience but it’s so expensive as it’s out of print
    Does ray franz go into detail of how he believed he was annointed? It puzzles me how an annointed person would leave the truth. Does he say he had a vision or any other explanation?
    Keep up the great work dissecting the cult of jws.
    Brilliant videos and love watching you guys

    • Hi,
      Deborah the copy right owner is working on finishing Ray Franz’s updated version which will hopefully be released in the future. We will let everyone know when it is will be available.

  27. with reference to the GB handing their own head on silver platter they clearly just cut their own throat on this admitting they can make mistakes but surely with physical evidence provided that they are directed by God they would surely be corrected by Jesus so no error should then occur I’m gonna go check this study article out see ya

  28. am watching the 2017 vid on tight pants or whatever ha ha were you mention Sophia. Isn’t that an ancient goddess based upon the statue of liberty and the same image in the films on tv which are all pagen based try looking this up and you’ll see its false religion tosh. possible even within secret societies if you check the information either rosicusion illuminatie mason or prior de sion whatever look it up guys Regards Snoopy

  29. am watching the 2017 vid on tight pants or whatever ha ha were you mention Sophia. Isn’t that an ancient goddess based upon the statue of liberty and the same image in the films on tv which are all pagen based try looking this up and you’ll see its false religion tosh. possible even within secret societies if you check the information either rosicusion illuminatie mason or prior de sion whatever look it up guys Regards

  30. I am looking for a particular book that Charles taze russel was said to have about life in the pre flood world with fallen angels and nephilim it’s called seolia or something very similar in title can someone pleae help me find this.
    Kim mikey and all bro’s ans ex bro’s whatever is said or done by the watchtower brigade is their still the skin in behalf of skin satanic challenge we have to face help kim and mikey answer this upon a video we can claim this is it with your answers

  31. Olá sou do brasil gosto muito do seu site ,queria algumas informações atuais ,para o nosso site agradeço>

  32. I am so happy to have just discovered you guys. I will sleep tonight for sure. 63 years old lady .. raised in the cult .. never recovered from the hurt, pain, abuse. I’ve tucked it all away in a neat little box. I need to scream and cry about this before I die .. (I’m not one of the 144,000 and I don’t think I’ll be saved at Armageddon.. lmfao) I need a support group to get this shit out of my memory.

  33. I’m not sure if you got my last email I sent. But I was a witness for 20 years. I started at the age of 10 in Newburgh NY near Watchtower Farm, which I’m sure you are familiar with. I moved to Hartsville SC in 1990 where I continued my time in the service to become a pioneer, ministerial servant and gave Sunday talks at Halls and Assemblies. I could watch and listen to you 2 all day. Very, Very knowledgeable are your videos. I’m 42 now, but I remember the subscription to the awake or both, but also the lunch tickets at the assemblies, and you used to get dissfellowshiped for wrong doing if you were an Unbaptized publisher, I remember that too. Thank you so much for your information.

  34. Mike and Kim, I just want to send a great big thank you hug for all you both are doing! Your helping so many of us and im praying Watchtower leaves your YouTube channel alone so you can help more. No matter what we all know they cant stop you or any of us from helping expose the real truth. Keep it up and god bless you all!

  35. Learning and checking the facts you provided about the actual begining of the JW cult by Russel the snake oil salesman.

    The Watchtower and the Jeh_vah’s Witnesses claiming to be G-d’s true representatives on earth make about as much sense as planting an Avocado pit in concrete sprouting a Banana tree.

    And whats with the advanced mathematics at the bottom fortunately I have Google LOL.

  36. Mike & Kim, I have been watching your videos for a couple months now. I am 54 years old. I have been a baptized JW since September, 2012. My 80 year old mother was baptized in March of the same year. I have been questioning many of the teachings, in my own mind. I am AWAKE. My mother and I moved from Wisconsin/Minnesota, to Nicaragua in 2014, my mother’s home country. We participated in the preaching almost daily for a couple years, then mom fell and fractured her hip in June 2016. I have been her caregiver ever since as she can no longer walk without a walker, and her memory is failing. I started to “wake up” when an elder visited me one day and said that I need to be out preaching, because my salvation depends on it. UGH!! I still attend most of the meetings with my mother, but I rarely read the literature anymore, especially since the GB said that they are not inspired. If I hear something that doesn’t sound biblical to me during the meeting, I usually walk out the door for a few minutes. For some reason, maybe because of my mother, I am feeling torn about leaving the organization. I know if I did, my mother herself would not shun me. But for some reason I feel stuck. I am unsure what to do. It’s not about losing friends, because I don’t really have friends in the congregation. Because of caring for my mom, I rarely leave the house. If you have any words of encouragement, please help me out. From the things I have learned, like the child abuse, stock holdings, to really see what shunning means, and many other reasons, I now feel that this organization is no different than any other religious organization. So, I hope that you have the time to read this, and possibly find the time to help me in any way that you can. Sincerely Bernard Sebranek P.S, I have enjoyed and found that every video I have seen from you holds true!

    • UPDATE!
      I have slowly been fading away from meeting attendance, and it feels good! The other night my 80 year old mother and I took a good look at the picture in the REVELATION CLIMAX book, page 52 We were both in awe looking at the demon hand behind Jesus holding a wooden scepter! We also looked at the old songbook. So blatantly obvious! Lately, if I do attend a meeting it is only for the discourse. I no longer stay for the watchtower study. It’s only a matter of time before I quit going altogether. QUESTION: Would you suggest I write a letter disassociating myself from the organization, or just fade away? I would appreciate your thoughts on this question. Also, you can place a “NAIL IN THE COFFIN” For your friend in Nicaragua, who is wide awake and on his way out!

  37. You are on point more than you know. Just so glad to see Mike back on YouTube. This has and will always be painful because when you find out how deep the lies goes first you will become astonished and then weary but freed.

    • Thank you so much. Even if it gets people to thinking outside that box we’ve been in our entire lives as JW’s, it’s worth it. Happy New Year

  38. “You can prove anything you wish from the Bible!”

    If a person really wants to find biblical “justification” for some belief or activity and is willing to use half-versus, take passages out of context, and twist the meaning of various terms, then he or she can “prove” just about anything from the scriptures. Because of this, we need to develop good habits and cultivate correct methods of handling the word of God.

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