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Watchtower cemetery at the Shawangunk farms: for website click here

that generations flip flops

Magazines of Jehovah’s Witnesses

2002 Bethelites Vow of Poverty & Obedience: 2002-01-01_To_all_full-time_servants_in_the_USA(vow_of_obedience_and_poverty)

Watchtower Documents: click here

Watchtower Research: click here for file

2013 England/UK International Bible Students Association Charity report: Ends47_0000216647_AC_20130831_E_C

2013 UK Charity Report: 0001077961_AC_20130831_E_C

Page 42 Item #17 & Page 57 Item #146:  OSCE United nations/N.G.O Members

Good source for Scans of Elder’s Letter, Court Documents, etc: JW Leaks

JW Struggle Youtube

1874 Imperial Bible Dictionary

C.T Russell Business Dealings & Scandals

Jehovah Witnesses Property Zoning: Property Zonings & Scams

Rio Rancho Kingdom Hall



  1. Here s the link to the letter i ve been trying to sent you

  2. Newmemberofgoverningbody

    Hello i am new to all this ttatt i got df in 2012 but i was guilty cuz i didnt give a duck about being a badass drunkard n having sex .but i never knew all the history of my own religion and dam its hard to have faith now that i know ttatt…i know that when your a witness u are pretty much controlled to information cuz u cant look at ex witnesses aka apostates sites or blogs ect. But i wonder how does the governing body know almost everything about apostates iff they dont check out those same sites that they themselves tell us not to watch or we are disloyal to Jehovah right.i will share a experience with u guys so hope u read it here it goes i am 27 yrs old i m a man and live in socal so heres the story…i remember i was doing a bible study with a guy and he asked me why does our publication the bible really teach book contain photos of witch craft stuff like the crystal ball and all that cards and stuff and i was like oh snap i cant answer him i thought about it like why do we have that.that doesnt look right to me wat i did was ask a elder who already kinda didnt like me cuz he thought i was like a apostate because we had a difference on another occasion.and this elder was a bethelite so when i broght this to his attention he looked at me and was kinda mad like im simple words he told me why does it matter why am i bringing these questions up that i dont know how they do it in bethel he said that they cut probrobly cut and paste it on to the publication that why am i bringing these questions..i said look i am not the one bringing the questions its my yeah that same brother one time i gave a opinion on a verse wich in the moment i didnt know we couldnt do that because only the slave aka the governing body can only…i said what i thought the verse meant and he told me with a mad mocking tone “i will see wat the slave has to say” and the next meeting he told me watt the slave said about that verse and it was kinda watt i said it meant then he told me that when i told him watt i thought it meant to pretty much not do that like not to give my opnion because i am not the slavev in other words..he told me to do research nextime and i know what he meant when he said that ..too pretty much see the publications.i have alot of stories but i dont want to bore u lol so yeah u guys are funny in youtube and my name on their is bracus bracus lol so i might make some videos but i am still kinda tripped out about berly finding out all this history i m shocked i live with my whole family and their almost all witnesses so good thing they dont know that i look at apostate stuff cuz then its trouble so i will keep it on the downlow cuz the best soldiers fight in stealth like the navy seals..hope u reply have a good day

  3. Hi there,

    Enjoy your videos, very funny sometimes, keep it up. Watched your video on temple and sanctuary today and enjoyed it. I first came across this on which has a lot of info on the subject.

    Related to it, I have my old Revelation book and on p87 and 88 we deal with Revelation 5:9 & 10. It is the 24 elders who are singing to the Lamb and they praise all he has done. They praise him buying a group of people from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation” and describe the Lamb as having made this group a Kingdom of priests and kings over the earth. Sound familiar?

    On page 87 in paragraphs 18 and 19, this of course refers to the anointed 144000… or so Watchtower would have you read. The next time a group like this is described is Revelation 7:9, the great crowd! At no point in the bible book of Revelation have I ever seen the 144000 given crowns. I can only see them singing (Rev 14:3) or being ones who follow the Lamb around “no matter where he goes.”

    Thus the “sacred service” rendered in heaven by the great crowd must be at least in part being priests and ruling. They are the only group who fit this description. The 144000 are said to be Jews. If they were from every tribe, nation, blah blah, then surely John would have described them as such. Why would he describe a motley collection of individuals from around the world as from every tribe, nation etc, and then describe an entirely separate motley collection of individuals from around the world as Jewish? If the 144000 are figurative Jews then it’s all figurative, and Watchtower can stop wasting trees printing this crap!

    Peace to you both,


  4. Hi guys love your channel. I saw your January 22, 2017 video. Very informative. I would like the 1981 watchtower volume to add to my collection. I will pay for shipping. Thanks guys

  5. Olá mike e kim ,sou do brasil e vejo que você s tem muito mais informações que nós ,teria como teria como enviar para mim o cartao de sangue pelo e-mail > agradeceria algumas informações atualizadas obrigado.

  6. Hi, Mike and Kim you guys are doing a terrific jobs. Gob bless you for your dedication to rescued people like us. This awakened is painfull and uncertain, but we know that the blessings will be tremendous by turning our backs to the Devil’s Organization. Can you e-mail me the gathering info. taking place in NJ so I deliver them to the religous institutions of my area. We need to raise our voices in unison and stand firm againsts this scores.
    Thank you

  7. Hi, Mike and Kim the Watchtower Magazine 1981 which mentions the Super Duper Credentials of the faithful slave is July 15, 1981 pag. 27 . I think that you guys said March 1, 1981. Thank you guys again for the tremendous work in pro of freedom from the cult. We are preparing for Hurricane Irma and praying that it does not come inland Florida .

  8. Hello, Kim and Mike here is a video that was sent to my husband on 9/20/17 by the COS check it out I don’t know what it is about, maybe asking for money.
    Username usa-irma-vwr
    Password Matthew24:14
    Best Regards Emilia

  9. Apostolos Tsigkaridas

    One of my favorite topics for sharing with you is about the cross.

    Did Jesus Really Die on a Cross?
    1. What the organization says having as reference the Imperial Bible Dictionary?
    2. What really says The Imperial Bible-Dictionary?


    1. What the organization says having as reference the Imperial Bible Dictionary?

    Comments from the organization:

    The Imperial Bible-Dictionary says that the word staurosʹ “properly signified a stake, an upright pole, or piece of paling, on which anything might be hung, or which might be used in impaling a piece of ground.” The dictionary continues: “Even amongst the Romans the crux (Latin, from which our cross is derived) appears to have been originally an upright pole.” …

    2. What really says The Imperial Bible-Dictionary?

    Where can I contact you guys to sent you the dictionary? It is really worth it if someone compares the conclusion in the article with the dictionary!

    • We have a copy of the Imperial Bible Dictionary hard copy and have used it in several of our videos. Thank you for your kind offer.

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