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  1. Hello Mike & Kim!
    I would like to download the Awake January 22, 1995.
    I searched the Watchtower, but they do not go beyond 2000.
    Could I get it from somewhere?
    BTW, you are great!


      If that link doesn’t work try this site:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, have a wonderful week.

    • Another source that I THINK Kim has helped is AvoidJW.Org where I’ve found a bus load of stuff, that I’ve been able to go to, after taking notes, if I listen to/ watch KimMikey or Jason Zelda or Watchtower Examination, etc… Ironically, JW’s won’t read old JW publications, because it’s not CURRENT TRUTH. Sounds like the Emergent Church.

      Has the GREEN of 40 years ago become the orange of today? Has the hot of today been the ice cold back in 1975? Or is hot still hot and green still green? The BIBLE has held up for hundreds of years. But JW publications can’t hold up for twenty years never mind 400!

  2. Hello To You Both
    Thanks Kim for your reply recently. I appreciate that you are very busy but please there is no need for any apology to me.:)
    Iv watched The Royal Commission through the link you provided (thank you) and want to know if you have the actual link were Geffory Jackson says that it would be presumptuous to say that they are the only spokes person (the G/B) that god uses on earth today (p.16 quoted ) is there an recording that we can watch and listen to him say this as I want to share this.
    Appreciate your help Kim hoping that your well

    Much Love Diane

  3. I love your videos! I’m so grateful I found them as well as other JW exposing sites. I thought something, many things, were amiss about the organization and how their focus was on themselves not truly God or Jesus as they claim.
    Has all the old literature been uploaded? It would be wonderful if all those texts were available on file just in case of anything or just due to the passage if time eroding pages.
    After watching many videos, yours especially, and doing research I have concluded to end my bible study. There’s no reason to put it off or pretend to keep up a charade that I am convinced or interested. Thank you so much to the both of you for so bravely and generously sharing your story and the furtive history of JW org to everyone; your efforts and conviction is appreciated.

  4. Hi both of you. I’m formulating a MA level essay about the Jehovah’s Witness and the 1975 fiasco. I would be greatly appreciative if you could supply me with any references and citations from earlier Watchtower and Awake magazines leading up to that year so I could add the references in order to support my essay on why the Watchtower Idiotcracy Jehovah’s Wickedness got it all wrong. I’ve seen your video about that year but additional reference material would assist me.
    Many thanks. Robert Morris (UK)

  5. Sister Callista [Dickson-Otty], OCD

    I am looking for a copy of the 1961 single-volume NWT bible and of the 1st edition of the Kingdom Interlinear (not the 1985 edition). Any help I could receive in looking for these in hard copy (the original printing) would be greatly appreciated. God bless the both of you, and the difficult work you are doing.

  6. Hello Mike and Kim! I have been searching for the “Trinity” booklet but could not find it on the net. I doubt my brother-in-law has it as well even if he’s a JW because I know of the rumors going around that Watchtower took it down and there’s no trace. Do you happen to have a copy? Thanks! Love your channel by the way. 🙂 Thanks very much in advance!

  7. HI! Dear ex JW’s I need some broushures : 1982 Booklet “From Kurukshetra to Armageddon & Your Survival” Watchtower JW. it can be a photo or pdf version. I can not find it on the internet, and they do not have ( Jehovah witness) (or rather, it isnt not up to date with religious teachings). Regards. very good site!

  8. Hi Kim

    Can you please send me a scanned copy of the page in The Living Bible in English with reference notes, where Watchtower acknowledges that Satan is Jehovah.
    Additionally, send me scanned copy, where they admit that the name Jehovah was a blunder.

    Thank you

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