Watchtower is Trying to Shut Down Our Youtube Channel

In Watchtower of Pennsylvania’s latest attempt to shut us down. gave us another copyright strike against the Anthony Morris in Helsinki talk. This is of course NOT a video, so we immediately filed a copyright counter-claim against their claim.



Watch tower & Bible Tract Society of Pennsylvania has given us 8 copyright strikes on our Youtube channel. Talk about overkill.

With so many on Youtube embedding clips from Watchtower videos, it is interesting that our channel was targeted. This tells us,  they feel we’re a threat.

This is where it gets suspicious…We put Watchtower video clips in almost all of our videos. They could have just used the last 3 videos. Why did they go one from LAST YEAR entitled “Jehovah’s Witnesses Your Great Tribulation is Here”?

What was in that video that they had to shut us down with?

We have started a new Youtube channel KimMikey2.0   …. 


  1. Peter and AnneMaria S. Heimá

    wt has been collecting for a year just to hit you hardt as possible it´s clear they are on a witch hunt. but it is like a boomarang and it will hurt when it hits them back ! hoping you will hit harder BACK and smarter.

    love from Denmark

    • They’re already Out of Luck as you guys post a FAIR USE disclaimer at the beginning of your posts. AND still, the owness is on THEM to prove you are maligning them. There are enough pins on those three coffin lids to prove them wrong. And then they’re Australia.
      The WT’s butt’s being burned, big time, over there.

      On the other hand, JUST IN CASE they do…temporarily succeed, do you have a plan B? Don’t let ’em get you down, K& M, you’re effective, or else they wouldn’t pay any attention to you.

  2. Have you tried to defend these claims under the “fair review and comment” part of the copyright act which allows parts of a copyright work to be reproduced in the context of review/comment about the work?

    • We filed a copyright counter claim under the U.S Fair use law. Watchtower has 10 business days to respond or withdraw claim

  3. Mike kim

    You have watchtower running scared and i love it .i have been following you for two years you are a breath of fresh air mikes rants are just brilliant it shows he has pasion in what he is doing .and i am so glad you both woke up .i am looking foward to your new channel god bless you both

    Michelle uk xxx

  4. Dear dear brother and sister , I was missing you. Now i know what the hell is going on. Remember : The silence that i experience is the dead silence they get in the future , wich is near ( i am shure ) They will seak but dont find.

    Love you both. Greets Anita van Ijmeren from the netherlands. Jesus is with us all.

  5. As the scripture says regarding the false prophet ÿou must not be scared of him”‘ and you/we of the ex JW community do not fear them….keep up the good work guys..

  6. Who at YouTube do we contact to lodge a complaint against WTBTS. It’s time to fight back and I want to know where to start. I believe this is a violation of free speech. There is no copy right violation here and You Tube shouldn’t arbitrarily shut down channels without merit.

  7. I love you guys. Your work is phenomenal. Mike, keep that fire going. Kim you are such a sweetheart. Bring ’em down brick by brick. All they do is lie, deceive and mistreat people.

  8. If they really had the truth, guys like you two wouldn’t worry them. The very fact they’re trying to shut certain channels down just proves beyond doubt they don’t have the truth. They’re running scared as more and more jws watch these videos and the pennies finally start to drop as they all start to leave the organisation.
    I expect there’s many more channels they’ll look to try to get shut down. Why haven’t they got more closed by now? Perhaps they’re still just roving about

  9. H3H3 productions just recently won a landmark decision in court who upheld their use of copywritten material. While the content was different, the spirit is the same and you might do well to look into that case so this can stop happening to your channel as well.

  10. Mike and Kim,

    I have never responded to any you tube video until today. I have been subscribed to your channel for about 3 or 4 years now. I have never been a JW but I am married to a man who was raised a JW and baptized at 13. He left the org at 18 and is not practicing but still very much has the JW mindset. I started watching youtube videos to learn about the religion because he refused to talk to me about it and we were having so many problems and I didn’t understand why. Thank you soooo much for all the information you all provided. You will never know how much you have helped me navigate in my marriage. I am a born again believer and I pray that my husband will wake up. Thank you and please keep doing what you are doing.

  11. I have enjoyed your YouTube postings for awhile now. I have come to hold you in great regard. I pray Godspeed to you publicly and privately. God bless and hold you in the palm of his hand.

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