Info, Posts & Documents on 12 Year old JW Suicide

12 year old Alisdair

Update!!! After being called a liar, having people from all around the world calling me all sorts of names to even the local JW’s that know my family and knew my nephew saying he’d died of his heart condition that a, he had as a baby and b, he’d been given the all clear at the age of 3!! I have had abuse not only on this status but also via PM’s all because they can’t see what their cult does to people!!! So I have managed to contact my local coroner and I now have the report into his death!! Yes, I warn you it’s a hard read but at least now I can clear my name!!! I am NOT a liar!!!! I would not lie about something like this!!!!!! My nephew took his own life because he saw no other way out of his life stuck in a cult with no freedom what so ever!!! So please keep sharing this so no other family has to go through this tragic loss!!!!!!! I might not have been a part of his life since he was a toddler but it doesn’t mean I didn’t love him with all my heart!!! My heart is forever broken!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so angry????????!! If you ever have JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES on your door step demand that they put you down as what they call “a door not call”!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they will not come back!!!!! They have destroyed my family in ways you can’t even begin to imagine and now my 12 year old nephew, TWELEVE FUCKING YEARS OLD, has committed suicide!!! They do not go to the police or even warn people that have children in their congregations about pedophiles AND HIDE THEM FROM THE POLICE!!!! They are ten times worse then any vickers or catholic priests!!!! The way they bring their children up is just systematic abuse!!!!! If they don’t sit perfectly still for two hours while they waffle on about their take on the bible they drag their kids up the back of the Kindom Hall (their church) and into the toilets and beat the crap out of them until they shut up!!! And we are talking babies and upwards!!!!! The way the children are expected to have a personal study, a family study, three meetings a week, study for those three meetings a week, study a daily scripture, then go out door knocking or stand in the local shopping centres to train stations to street corners for hours at a time is just awful!! A lot of the children don’t even go to school due to them not wanting them to associate with “worldly people” and “bad associatoin” and aren’t allowed to even just go outside and play with the local children so they have no way of talking to anyone outside of the religion if there is a problem at home or within the church!!!!!!! And if they have family that aren’t JW’s, like I was with my nephew, then again they are not allowed to have contact with them!! I had not seen my nephew apart from when he was in my close going door to door and my Nan’s funeral a couple of years ago but he wasn’t allowed to speak to me!!!! It’s called “shunning”!! I was waiting for him to be an adult and out of my brothers house, who is an “elder” which is a similar status to a priest so that I could make contact with him and have a relationship with him!! And I was hoping that him and his sister would come out of the CULT!!!! I will NEVER get that chance!! I will forever beat myself up that I didn’t do enough to fight my brother for contact with both my niece and my nephew!!! I am not going to make that mistake with my niece!!!! For a 12 year old child to take his own life that must say something about what sort of life he was having!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if this post stops one family or one person I know on here from listening to the JW’s when they come knocking then I have saved lives!!!!!!! They show themselves as loving families with bible principles etc but once you start seeing things that are so wrong they’ve already got their claws into you!!! All they are is a 6 billion dollar money making con, a money making machine that doesn’t care about you apart from the money you donate to their bank account!! So please, when they come knocking, ask to be put down as a “do not call” because it could be your family member in the local undertakers like mine is!!!!!!!!!! If you have read all this please do me one more favour, share share share so that more families that you care about on your Facebook can be saved the heartache I will live with for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my beautiful little nephew who I will never get to see again!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is totally broken and will forever be so!!! I will now have to live with the guilt that I knew how this little boy was being treated and I didn’t do anything!!!! Auntie Vicki will always love you Alisdair and I am so so so so so sorry!!!!!!!!